Durufle’s Requiem in Hjallese Kirke

Hjallese Kirke (Odense), Wednesday 8 May 2019, 7.30 pm

The main work of the programme at this concert is Requiem for choir, soloists, cello and organ by the French composer Maurice Duruflé. Also, a choral work by the Norwegian/American composer Ola Gjeilo is being sung.

Alice Granum conducts The Fionian Chamber Choir & Vor Frue Kantori (Svendborg), and the very demanding organ part is played by Tina Christiansen, who is organist in Ansgars Kirke in Odense.

Soloists are Emma Oemann (mezzosoprano) and Rasmus Tofte Hansen (baritone).

Durufle’s Requiem in Hjallese Kirke (Odense)
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