Odense Domkirke, Wednesday 17 December 2014, 7.30 pm
Odense Domkirke, Thursday 18 December 2014, 7.30 pm

For several years, wonderful Christmas music combined with angels singing and sing-a-long has been the recipe at  the Christmas Carol Concerts in the Cathedral. Inspired by this fine tradition,  Odense Symphony Orchestra has asked Michael Bojesen to compose a new Christmas Oratorio for Odense. The text will be written by poet and writer Dy Plambeck.

Conductor: Michael Bojesen.
Soloists: Sys Bjerre, Thomas Storm.
Choirs: Syngedrengene from Assens, The Fionian Chamber Choir.

The Fionian Chamber Choir also sings 2 Christmas carols by John Rutter:
Candlelight Carol & Nativity Carol.

Interview with Michael Bojesen and Dy Plambeck (in Danish):

A titbit from the christmas oratorio – sung by Sys Bjerre: